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Production of stairs

Measurement to the millimeter

Our top priority is the accuracy of fit of your staircase right from the measuring stage. We can guarantee this with our measuring technology from Flexijet. Using a precision laser, your staircase is measured to the millimeter and recorded in three-dimensional space. This allows us to access all the data at any time, even after the actual measurement.

Customized with modern CAD and CAM technology

Our production processes are based on the latest CAD technologies, which we use to process the measurement data and design the stairs in their final form.

Nothing stands in the way of 3D visualization during the planning of your dream staircase and the anticipation increases.

Thanks to the efficient process linking of our specialized CAM software, we are able to react flexibly to individual customer requests and manufacture them.

The latest CNC technology that inspires

We have been working with the latest 5-axis CNC technology from Reichenbacher in the production of our staircases for several years now. This has enabled us to further increase quality and efficiency. Tolerances similar to those in aircraft construction enable a previously unknown level of precision in staircase production.

Investment creates innovation

If you have the highest expectations of your own product, you also need the best tools for production.

In order to implement our customers' design wishes to perfection, we regularly invest in state-of-the-art woodworking technology.

One example of many:

Our latest machine from Heesemann sets new standards in surface preparation.

Five processing units produce a flawless appearance of the solid wood we use, dust-free and ready for surface finishing.