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Bolt stairs from Krieger Treppen

The bolt staircase is characterized by a modern, open concept. The steps are fixed to the wall or a stringer with a bolt - hence the name. Wall-mounted stairs are characterized by good footfall sound insulation and sound-reducing mounted steps. If a step of the bolt staircase is damaged due to an accident, it can be easily replaced.

In the case of bolt stairs with a load-bearing handrail, the steps are bolted to the wooden handrail system on the open free side of the staircase. The handrail of the staircase has a structural load-bearing function.

The bolt staircase is an engineered staircase. It therefore requires building authority approval. At Krieger Treppen, we are at your side with our specialist knowledge and experience. Our load-bearing bolt stairs have been approved by the building authorities since 2008.

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