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Stringer stairs from Krieger Treppen

The stringer staircase is a tried-and-tested type of staircase construction that has been manufactured for 100 years in the form that is still in use today. This staircase design is particularly popular in the country house style.

If the steps are professionally designed, the stringers of the staircase are attractively curved. This type of staircase is classed as a traditional staircase and is not necessarily subject to structural verification if this tradition is adhered to, but should comply with the "handcrafted wooden staircase" regulations.

Special feature: The wooden stringer staircase

The characteristic feature of a wooden stringer staircase are the wooden stringers, which surround the steps from both sides or are attached under the steps. There are both mortise and semi-mounted wooden stringer staircases. The layout of this type of staircase is extremely diverse and variable. A stringer staircase can be designed as a closed staircase, i.e. with risers, or as an open staircase.

An alternative to the wooden stringer staircase is the HPL stringer staircase.

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