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Staircase planning with Krieger stairs

Whether in a new build, conversion or old building: we plan your individual staircase - step by step.

Nowadays, you have almost unlimited choice when it comes to the design and material of your staircase. This makes choosing fun - but can also raise many questions. We can give you comprehensive advice on which type of staircase and which material best suits you and the design of your home. After all, in most cases the staircase is not just the way up or down, but an integral part of the living space

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are aware of the hurdles that can arise when planning a staircase. Together with you, we discuss what your new staircase will look like, but also what requirements it should meet in your home, all taking into account the conditions on site. In this way, we ensure that all installations are in the right place later on. For example, where are the existing water and electrical pipes, light switches and sockets? Does the floor plan match your desired staircase? In addition to the appearance, the height of the riser, tread depth and passage width also play an important role in staircase planning.

Of course, we don't just plan staircases for new buildings. We are also your reliable partner for renovations or staircase refurbishments. .

We will discuss your ideas, questions and existing plans with you in detail during the staircase planning process. The result is your individual dream staircase that not only looks good, but is also safe and durable.

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Protecting the new staircase during the construction phase

As staircase installation usually only takes place shortly before you move in, we can provide you with a straight or spiral staircase without a wall. The big advantage: your new staircase does not suffer during the construction phase. At the same time, you and all tradesmen can reach every floor safely - ladders are no longer necessary.

To prevent damage during the time between final installation and moving in, we supply the steps of your staircase with a protective cover made of sturdy hardboard and foil wrapping.

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