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Krieger stairs

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The company Treppenbau "System-Krieger" GmbH has been involved in the development of staircase systems approved by the building authorities for more than 15 years and grants the manufacturing rights to competent staircase construction companies. In addition to the approval for the handrail-supporting staircase(ETA 06/0154), Krieger is also in possession of the approval for the WE1 staircase without supporting handrail, as well as the staircase in folded look(ETA 08/0133).

As the current trend is towards modern design with different material mixes, Krieger has developed a new staircase with HPL thin stringers in a flat steel stringer look(ETA-09/0252). Krieger has also recently received approval from the DIBT in Berlin for the morticed-in 40 mm stringer staircase(ETA-14/0122). This is currently the most comprehensive approval for this type of staircase on the market.

Cooperate with us in a growing market and benefit from the advantages of the "Krieger staircase system" (with type statics, European technical approval and CE marking).

The advantages at a glance:

  • The staircase systems comply with legal regulations
  • Efficient and cost-effective to produce
  • Various types of wood are available (up to 15 types of wood depending on approval)
  • Individual design options
  • Favorable fitting costs, fittings can be purchased from us
  • With CE marking

You too can benefit from our decades of experience in the field of self-supporting stairs and become a member of a strong community

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Handrail-supporting stairs

A handrail-supported staircase is the classic cantilever staircase and is still very popular. This type of staircase impresses with its lightness and enormous load-bearing capacity.

Advantages at a glance

  • Tested staircase system with European technical approval
  • CE marking
  • Step thickness 44mm, with wall stringer 42mm
  • Low fitting costs, fittings can be purchased from us
  • Steps can be replaced if damaged
  • Different variants can be selected on the wall side
  • Efficient and cost-effective to manufacture
  • Choice of different types of wood

Handrail-supporting stairs - Gallery

WE1 and folding optics

The WE1 staircase in a folded look without a supporting handrail is currently very much in vogue. These stairs in dark wood colors are very popular. Equipped with a filigree banister, they are the eye-catcher of every house.

Here is an overview of the advantages

  • Tested system with European technical approval
  • CE marking
  • Same bolt system on the wall side as on the handrail-supporting staircase
  • Low fitting costs, fittings can be purchased from us
  • No supporting handrail necessary, railing can be freely designed
  • Step thickness 54-57 mm, depending on floor plan, suspension may be necessary
  • Solid wood construction
  • Steps can be replaced if damaged
  • Simple assembly and manufacture
  • Efficient and cost-effective to manufacture

Folding stairs - Gallery

The new trend: HPL thin-wall staircases

Krieger-Treppen is currently presenting its HPL thin-wall staircase as a current innovation. The staircase system is characterized by its modern look and can be manufactured completely in-house by stair builders specializing in wooden staircases.

The advantages at a glance

  • Tested system with European technical approval (ETA-09/0252)
  • Now approved with up to 18 risers
  • CE marking
  • Looks like flat steel stringer stairs
  • the HPL panels can be processed with woodworking machines and CNC machines, no special software required
  • finished surface, painting of the HPL stringers is not necessary, but can be done if required
  • no screw connections and angles are visible on the visible side of the side panels
  • no additional cross bracing required
  • rational and inexpensive to manufacture, low accessory prices
  • easy installation due to low weight and innovative screw connection technology

Further information on HPL

HPL stairs - Gallery

Stringer staircase mortised

Due to the recent ruling of the Federal Court of Justice (BGH), there is a great deal of uncertainty in the staircase industry. For this reason, Krieger-Treppen has carried out numerous large-scale tests with Prof. Dr. Ing. Irle and Prof. Dr. Kanz in order to obtain ETA approval for this type of staircase. Just in time for our partner meeting on July 4 and 5, 2014, we were granted approval by the German Institute for Building Technology in Berlin.

You are welcome to register with us for the next instruction seminars on the staircase system and cooperate with a strong community!


  • Step and stringer thickness 40 mm
  • Various floor plan types
  • Stair width 100 cm
  • Various cross bracings
  • 17 inclines
  • 15 different types of wood
  • innovative connection fastenings that can be used even with finished flooring (patent pending)

Stringer stairs - Gallery